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Dental care and services we provide.

Our dental office, besides examination, diagnosis and treatment recommendations, makes its goal to educate you thoroughly in order to preserve the health of your teeth as well as beautiful smile. In a comfortable and relaxed ambience, and with full privacy, we are devoted to working with you in order to solve any dental problems that you are dealt with and educate you how to avoid future dental visits.

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Dental and oral diseases

dental and oral diseasesMost common tooth disease is dental caries. If your tooth suffers one, it must not be neglected, it must be treated. It grows very fast and spreads on nearby teeth. Caries doesn’t just look bad on your teeth, it also causes many other diseases as well as a bad breath.
Our dental office is sufficiently specialized and equipped to handle a wide variety of conditions, disorders and diseases affecting patient’s teeth and gums. We will also well inform and educate you how to avoid recurrence of dental problems.

Examinations, controls and advices in our dental office are FREE. Besides, we won’t charge for:

  • Extraction of deciduous teeth with anesthetic spray
  • Tooth drainage (first aid)


ProsthodonticsWe are offering all kinds of prosthodontic procedures through a short period of time, from 3 to 5 days, because of the use of high quality materials and equipped dental laboratory.

We make:

  • Metal-ceramic crowns
  • Dental bridges
  • Nonmetal ceramics
  • Removable acrylic partial dentures
  • Removable acrylic complete dentures
  • Vironite dentures
  • Valplast flexible dentures

You are WELCOME to come and be examined and we will not charge you for:

  • Removal of old dental bridges
  • Minor prosthodontic preparations 
  • Repairs to dentures and partials
  • Occlusal corrections of dental bridges 

Pediatric and preventive dentistry

pediatric dentistryWhile our children’s dental care occupies a special place in our office, we are always ready to provide persistent understanding and to be patient with parents and especially with frightened and distrustful children.

As in our society term dentistry often represents a painful treatment, you should come to our office and we will reassure and convince you otherwise.

Dental management of gravid patients

working with gravid patientsDuring pregnancy, increased hormone levels cause major body changes that make your teeth and gums extra sensitive, which makes pregnant women prone to dental complications. With regular control appointments and professional care form our office your teeth and gum should remain healthy throughout the pregnancy.

As a minimum we recommend two dental checkups during pregnancy and our office holds many years of experience in working with pregnant women.

Construction of removable appliances and orthodontic braces

orthodontic bracesIn the best interest of young dental patients, especially children with malocclusions, we make removable orthodontic appliances with speed and quality. Also, we cooperate with orthodontic specialists in order to provide you with fixed appliances.

Short production time, high level of quality and affordable prices make our office team the right choice for your child.

Pain free tooth extractions

Right as usual, every procedure with pain expectancy is conducted under local anesthesia so you should be convinced that they are pain free. Our highly experienced dentist guarantee pain free tooth extractions.

Tooth whitening

white teeth - nice smileTooth whitening is a dental procedure by which dentist removes stains and discolorations from within the outermost layer of tooth enamel, thereby enhancing the brightness of natural teeth. Everyday consumption of coffee, coca-cola and tobacco causes tooth discoloration. Tooth Whitening falls within the field of cosmetic dentistry which is performed by our office for a long period of time.

We conduct treatments with :
-15% carbamide-peroxide


RendgenIn order to diagnose and treat your problem as soon as possible our dental office is equipped with modern dental X-ray machine. Imaging is done momentarily and on the spot because seeing what lies under the tissue gives us a better perspective on what treatment will work the best for you.

Costs of dental imaging in our office, for your own use, are one of the most competitive in the town.

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