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Dentist office, Dr. Radivoje Buha.

Dental office Dr Radivoje Buha was established in the late 1993. in Novi Sad as a small office which employed only one dentist. Couple of years after, as it changed its location and moved into its new headquarter space close to the center of the town, it employs tree highly specialized dentists and a few members of dentist’s supporting team.

Dental services

After years of experience aimed at providing only the best dental care, today, our office is coupled with genuine concern for finding a best solution for your dental problem in accordance with contemporary dental technology trends and with use of the high quality materials and equipment.

 Polyvalent dental office Dr Radivoje Buha is there for you. Always kind, friendly and knowledgeable staff is committed to understanding and meeting your needs as well as removing every doubt, eventual fear or problem that you are faced with.  With our professional, conscientious, responsible and dedicated work, we are trained and equipped to solve your dental problem.

Quality guaranteed with over 10.000 dental patients

We are offering high quality services for our patients. We work with very best and most recent dental materials from worlds manufacturers, mainly Germany and Japan, and some of them are Kerr, Gradia, Filtek (3M) and others because to us success is patient satisfaction.

Contact information

Our dental team is there for you on workdays from 08am till 08pm and during weekends for dental emergencies you can contact us on these phone numbers:
+381 63 502118

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Dental examinations, controls and advices are FREE.

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